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User can Download This App and if He/She Lost his Phone can purchase a new mobile and again if He/She Download this app can retain His/Her Datas which was been in His previous device.

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About Our Contact Recovery

RAID Recovery (all configurations), Server Recovery, SSD Recovery, File Recovery, Email Recovery etc, Contact recovers data from any instance of data loss – be it accidental deletion, virus attack, RAID failure or any system crash due to software/hardware malfunction.

Contact Recovery possesses a vast range of data recovery, protection, backup and safe data eraser software to offer you the best data disaster solution. Our data recovery services and software support all major operating systems including Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Macintosh and Novell. Contact Recovery has a strong adherence to the transparency of it's recovery process and honestly follows its policy of "No Recovery - No Charge". Safety, Reliability, Cost-effectiveness, and Fast Recovery being the base pillars of its quality data recovery process, Contact Recovery provides the best that the whole data recovery industry can offer.


Our Services

Have you lost all your Data from your Android Mobile or Tablet?
Don't Panic! We can recover all your deleted or lost android data from broken or dead android mobile/tablet.


Recover Full Contact details such as Names, Numbers, E-mails, etc.


Recover all types of documents such as .html, .zip, .doc, .xls, .pdf, and other file formats.


Recover all photos and videos taken from your Android phone.


Recover any video file type downloaded from the internet.


Recover all send/receive text messages and multimedia messages.


Recover all types of musics such as .WAV, .AIF, .MP3, and .MID, .3GA, .4MP

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Get back your deleted message, photos, files, contacts, videos and music from damaged mobile. Recover your lost photos, videos, images, messages and files saved in Android Phone. We recover data from damaged mobiles.

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Our Price

Mobile data recovery service cost can be estimated only after analysis of Android Mobile. We need to have your mobile with us for a complete analysis.
Once we have done the analysis then only we can confirm the Data Recovery cost for mobile.


Contact Recovery easily recovers your accidentally deleted data from dead android mobile.

  • 1GB Storge
  • Rs: 100 / month
  • Expires after 30 days
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If your android device gets into contact with water, has the capability to retrieve your entire data.

  • 3GB Storge
  • Rs: 250 / month
  • Expires after 30 days
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Contact Recovery can recover data if any part of your android mobile is Broken, Busted, Chipped, or Chewed.

  • 5GB Storge
  • Rs: 500 / month
  • Expires after 30 days
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Contact Recovery is devoted to meet your every needs you desire for digital life. If you have questions or suggestions about our products, please feel free to contact us. Your suggestions will be of great importance for us to improve our products.